Seattle is ready for you, whether you want to live a different lifestyle than in a typical US metropolis, visit a forward-thinking community that prioritizes sustainability, or simply want to have one of the best coffees in the nation.

However, navigating this mountainous, grunge-music-loving city with all of its coastal attractions can be challenging. Location, location, location is key when it comes to relocating to a new city. Knowing which area offers the ideal work-life balance, the ideal coffee-to-brew ratio, and a price that won’t leave you with no piggy banks left to use is necessary.

Greenlake & Wallingford

Perfect for folks who like to be active and want a great spot to jog, swim, ride a bike, or go kayaking. Two of Seattle’s most sought-after neighborhoods are Wallingford and Greenlake. Why? Because they have the proper mix of metropolitan and small-town moods to provide you with exactly what you’re searching for, including nature, a lake, gorgeous residences, lovely streets, and more.

There are an equal amount of families, young professionals, hipsters, and seniors in these two neighborhoods. This demonstrates that anything you’re looking for may be found here.

The best neighborhoods in Seattle for people who enjoy being active outside are Wallingford and Greenlake. You’ll have plenty of places to exercise, swim, kayak, and get a beautiful tan thanks to Gas Works Park, Woodland Park, and Green Lake Park.

Blue Ridge and North Beach

Although this part of Broadview in the south is quite close to country club status, it is not quite there yet. Private parks and beaches are a reality in this area, as are the McMansions springing up for views of Puget Sound, but the neighborhood’s closeness to Carkeek Park and Golden Gardens assures that the general public has some sort of waterfront access as well. You won’t find many sidewalks in North Seattle communities that were incorporated in or after 1954, but you can choose from a variety of well-preserved midcentury modern homes.


Ballard, known for its Scandinavian and maritime heritage, is now a vibrant circuit board of activities day and night, including boutiques, restaurants, and pubs. Explore the trendy new pubs, restaurants, and stores along Ballard Avenue, or hold out until 10 a.m. on Sundays for the year-round Ballard Farmers Market. In hotspots like Lucky Envelope Brewing, after eating, you should visit the National Nordic Museum, Golden Gardens Park, and the Ballard Locks, which make it easier for boats to travel between Union Lake and Puget Sound.

North Queen Anne

In certain ways, North Queen Anne differs from Lower Queen Anne, often known as Upper Queen Anne or just Queen Anne. Downtown used to include Lower Queen Anne. This legacy is still present in the nightlife and the general energy. Instead, North Queen Anne offers the best of Seattle’s urban and suburban sides.

Some of the city’s nicest vistas may be found in North Queen Anne, which also exudes a sense of community. Queen Anne gives off the impression of being a prestigious and opulent neighborhood with to its beautiful front lawns and historic Victoria Townhomes, yet it is actually a charming and relaxed area. International college students at Seattle Pacific University, young professionals, newlyweds, and established Seattle families can all be found in this area.

Columbia City

Contrary to its diminutive size, this South Seattle neighborhood is home to a wide variety of international food. Some people refer to Columbia City as a miniature United Nations of eateries. When you’re not exploring the world’s cuisines, from the Caribbean to Senegal, Ethiopian to Vietnamese, you can catch live performances at warm places like Columbia City Theater or shop at boutiques filled with bargains. Make sure to go in the late summer when you may enjoy the Farmers Market and BeatWalk festival and sample the cuisine of Columbia City.

Victory Heights

Victory Heights is located between the busy Lake City Way and the congested Northgate shopping district. It’s quite obvious you’re still in the city limits when you walk along this microneighborhood’s business-heavy borders, but on residential blocks without sidewalks, it’s a different story. towering homes along the front line. Lattice fences are common. However, the price range is still affordable for people who live in small condos. A imaginative homeowner on 20th Avenue Northeast utilizes fake skeletons to make a funny-bone-tingling display.

Central District

The Central District may have changed over the years, but its locally owned eateries, including the Garfield Community Center and Fat’s Chicken and Waffles, still reflect the spirit of this traditionally Black neighborhood. You’ll probably first visit this neighborhood, which is just two miles (three kilometers) from the city center, to look around the old residences of Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee. A journey to the Central District wouldn’t be complete without seeing the spectacular MLK mural and other works of art that portray African American history near the Douglass-Truth Public Library, so allow us to push you both in the direction of the present and the past (

Since its humble origins in the late 1800s, when most movies were brief documentaries that showed daily life, filmmaking has come a long way. The advancements that women have achieved in the field are even more impressive. Women were thought to make up the majority of moviegoers in the early days of Hollywood, but they were behind when making those films. The pioneers who overcame obstacles to share those stories are immortalized by their achievements and the legacy they left for the women who followed after them. However, women-led films produced from a woman’s perspective are crucial to our perception of all women. 

Verna Fields “Mother Cutter” 

When her father, Sam Hellman, followed his passion for screenwriting, the family relocated to Hollywood, and the Missouri-born Fields were first exposed to the film industry. She began her career as a sound editor before moving on to edit feature pictures in 1960. She later became a significant influence on several well-known directors, working on films that helped launch the careers of Steven Spielberg, Peter Bogdanovich, and George Lucas, among others. 

But Fields was able to prevent this Great White from being phony by knowing when to cut away. Jaws was a perfect choice to become the movie that best captured her legacy. It was also the last movie Fields cut, and it not only gave Fields her one Oscar (see below). She later rose through the studio ranks to become Universal’s vice president of movie production.  

For her patient guidance and sympathetic support during the demanding business of filming and post-production, Fields is warmly remembered by many filmmakers. Spielberg, for his part, gives Fields, who was lovingly known as “Mother Cutter,” credit for the flawless restraint with which he used the monster from his film. The young director kept pushing for shots to linger because he was keen to capture the robotic shark, Bruce. 

Alma Reville “Lady Hitchcock” 

You are aware of Alfred Hitchcock. His silhouette itself has become recognizable. Few people know how much his wife influenced his work and persona. Reville got her start in the industry by serving tea to the studio elite of the English film industry. However, this devoted and perceptive movie buff rose to become a director’s assistant, screenwriter, and editor during the 1920s and 1930s. She met Hitchcock while working, and he recruited her to cut Woman to Woman in 1923. She initially rejected the job offer because she thought the pay was “inadequate,” but Hitchcock returned with a higher bid, which she accepted. Later, the couple got married and traveled to Hollywood, where they worked on the films that would make him famous. 

Thelma Schoonmaker “Scorsese’s Not-So-Secret Weapon” 

The Wolf of Wall Street, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Cape Fear, and The Departed are just a handful of the dramas with a strong male lead that this soft-spoken woman has worked on cutting. Her accuracy has earned her seven Oscar nominations and three victories. She continues to perform the most basic editing tasks, such as cataloging and screening each take. Leonardo DiCaprio, Juliette Lewis, and many others have praised her final cuts. The most significant aspect of all this is that her work has affected and inspired countless filmmakers, editors, and creatives

Meryl Streep 

Meryl Streep has been dubbed the best actor of her time, 8 Golden Globes for her legendary roles in movies like  “Silkwood,” “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Doubt,”  and many more She also won three Academy Awards (out of a record twenty-one nominations). 

Whitney Houston 

Whitney Houston had one of the most recognizable voices of all time. Her effect on subsequent vocalist generations can be heard in performers like Ariana Grande, Beyonce, and Jennifer Hudson. Years after her passing, Whitney Houston’s recently released cover of Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love,” which DJ Kygo coupled with an absurdly infectious backbeat, is still at the top of the charts. She also crossed over and was a star on screen in such movies as “Bodyguard” 

Alice Guy “The world’s first female director.” 

One of the earliest narrative movies ever made, La Fée aux Choux (The Cabbage Fairy), was directed by her in 1896. She would direct for the Gaumont Film Company, the first of 750 movies. She was among the first to use innovative methods, including double exposure, the split screen,  and sound-tied film. Additionally, she is credited with developing the close-up. Additionally, she founded Solax, the largest pre-Hollywood studio in America, after relocating to New York. 

Grace Kelly 

Actress Grace Kelly captured the interest of Americans when she wed Prince Rainier III in 1956 and became the Princess of Monaco. Before that, though, Kelly appeared in the Hitchcock classics “To Catch a Thief” and “Dial M for Murder,” in which she horrified numerous viewers, and she earned an Academy Award for “The Country Girl,” in which she co-starred with Bing Crosby ( 

The movie industry has been a behemoth since the days of Reg Park to today in the renowned Dwayne Johnson’s reign. Movies unquestionably play an indispensable role in the entertainment sector. The following movies are expected to take the industry by storm next year;

 1. The Batman.

 The Batman movies are due to the assiduous efforts of Tim Burton. These iconic movie series are poised to achieve another milestone next year. The movie is set to be adapted from the Caped Crusader. The Batman will commemorate a decade since the last Batman solo movie.

 The movie operates without affiliation from the DC Extended Universe. The movie is expected to involve fierce combats and electrifying scenes. Batman will try to battle R-Batz against several ferocious villains such as Riddler and Catwoman.

 The Riddler puts himself in grave danger by tempting the rage of Commissioner Gordon of Gotham City and Batman. He constantly provokes the two with cramp riddles. What happens next is what the anticipated episode covers in the upcoming episode.

 2. Mission: Impossible 7.

 We have already witnessed six sensational productions from Mission Impossible. However, the seventh release is much anticipated, given the earth-shattering suspense left in the sixth series. The movie is popular for having many death-resistance dwarfs.

 Christopher McQuarrie will still direct the movie as in the last episode. Other familiar faces are Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Angella Basett, who play initial episodes. The new faces in the movie include Pom Klementieff and Hayley Atwell.

 We would now be towards the tenth episode if it had not been the tribulations brought about by the pandemic. The movie will then be uploaded to Paramount + for a month and a half after the opening motion picture exhibition.

 3. Morbius.

 The Morbius movie is set to be unveiled early next year. Movie icon Tom Holland will act in the Spider-Verse section. Celebrated star Jared Leto will act in the living vampire section. He earlier played the sensitive role of a Joker in the Suicide squad.

 The major escalation is the point at which Michael Morbius changes to a blood-thirsty vampire. He was on a seriously ambitious mission to find a cure for his blood disorder problems. He was unceremoniously intervened in the course of his numerous experiments.

 4. Uncharted.

 Tom Holland will still be the protagonist in the uncharted movie. Ruben Fleischer directs the film, and Wahlberg plays as character Sully. Besides Sully, the movie features two more treasure hunters, Nate and Chloe Frazer.

 The Uncharted will be officially released in the theaters of Sony Pictures Releasing in February. Netflix and The Walt Disney Company were legally certified to stream the uncharted movies for four years. They start counting from next year.

 5. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

 The film will be making a remarkable 30th mark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Edited by Ryan Coogler and Joe Robert Cole, the Wakanda Forever stars acting heroines such as Danai Gurrira and the celebrated Lupita Nyong’o.

 The movie is centered around the rich African cultural culture. The Wakanda Forever burst onto the scene three years ago and will be having its second episode. Surprisingly, the legendary King T’challa won’t be starring centrally as initially perceived.

6. Dune.

 The Dune is directed by Dennis Villeneuve, who still oversaw the magnificent Blade Runner 2049. The movie has been rated highly. The protagonist, Paul Atreides, is faced with a difficult traveling task. To safeguard his people, he must go to an inhabitable planet.

 The planet is infamous for diabolical forces fighting over the earth’s resources. Whoever stands their intimidation and assault will certainly survive. What transpires to Paul on the planet creates electrifying suspense.

 The initial launching of the movie suffered a massive blow last year. Chadwick Boseman, a vital star in the Black Panther, succumbed to colon cancer. Thus amid the difficult moment, the movie crew had to go back to the drawing board.

 We can’t wait to glue our eyes on these mouth-watering movies come next year. They have been selected meticulously to get the audience on the edge of their seats. These movies, among others, will make us exuberant throughout the year. May 2022 come quickly!

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